Question of the Week: 11/19-11/25/18

Some of the ECW writers and editors have been talking about things they’re thankful for in the history field.

So we’d like to know – what you thankful for? (A book, a person, a Civil War event, an ancestor – anything related to the 1860’s history we all. study and discuss.)

12 Responses to Question of the Week: 11/19-11/25/18

  1. All of the online records available. My great-grandather was a messenger boy in the Civil War. I had heard family stories; I started researching him and actually found his official enlistment.

  2. My ancestor Isaac’s decision to make daily diary entries during his three years in the Army of the Potomac. that triggered what became a life-long interest when i was only 8 years old.

  3. This may sound like pandering, but I’m thankful for the ECW Symposium every year. I’ve been to all of them and I so look forward to seeing everyone and attending the program. It gives me a chance to travel to Fredericksburg and see the battlefields, chance to meet new friends, and meet authors. Thanks to ECW for making my first week of August the best time of the year.

  4. The Thirteenth Amendment that resolved the issue once and for all that slavery and all that it represented, i.e. racism, segregation, classism, genocide, etc., are no longer tolerated by the majority (hopefully).

  5. Grant. He proved to be arguably “The Indispensable Man” of the Civil War. He stepped in and up and got the job done.

  6. There are so many things to be thankful for i.e., Battlefields Trust, Facebook Live and ECW blogs. But out here on the left coast one has to be thankful for the Drum Barracks Civil War Museum. An actual, surviving Civil War Junior Officers Quarters Building (and artifacts). I can’t get back east that much but I can get to Wilmington CA rather easily. Drum Barracks is a secret – don’t tell anyone šŸ™‚

    1. Drum Barracks is very nice! Are you going to their Civil War Christmas event? If so, we might meet; I’m planning to be there and help with the music in the parlor.

  7. Iā€™m thankful for opportunities – to blog, to read blogs and other online content, to volunteer at a Civil War Museum, to visit Civil War sites. I certainly love my books and appreciate DVDs and other media, but those opportunities have been especially valuable to me.

  8. I am thankful for all the wonderful relatiinships I have developed over the years with ECW. I have met many of these folks, and they are the best. My dream Thanksgiving would be a huge turkey dinner with all the ECW folks. Including Max!

  9. I am thankful for the commitment & sacrifice of all individuals who fueled the Union effort from the President & generals down through my 3 great-great grandfathers to the lowest private including the civilian support & the homefront; and to the historians, biographers, & all human resources who researched & studied the war from 1861 until now; & for my friends & colleagues who love to read & discuss the many nuances of the war. Have a blessed Thanksgiving.

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