Week In Review: November 19-25, 2018

We kicked off Thanksgiving week with grateful thoughts and reflections on the Gettysburg Address. Then, editor Sarah Kay Bierle has been in the “research kitchen” whipping up some articles for her traditional Civil War Cookin’ series in November. There’s also news about podcasts, new books, newsletters, and shopping lists along with a plethora of Thanksgiving related history from our favorite era.

Take a look at the busy week on the blog:

Monday, November 19:

Question of the Week asks what we should be thankful for in the history field.

Remembering Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address on its 155th Anniversary.

Civil War Cookin’: During the Battle of Gettysburg, one fellow decided to harvest a crop of green beans. Now, that’s a story…

Tuesday, November 20:

There’s a new ECW Podcast available! And the guys are talking about the hallowed ground at Gettysburg – don’t miss it.

Civil War Cookin’: Need ideas or old recipes for stuffing a turkey? Look no farther than the 19th Century…

Meg Groeling offers thoughts on the annual Turkey Pardon and its Civil War era roots.

Wednesday, November 21:

Chris Mackowski’s new books have arrived…and you’ll want a copy of his ECW study on the Mine Run Campaign.

Civil War Cookin’: It’s a lot of work to make a cake in an 1860’s kitchen…

ECW’s November newsletter is now available.

Thursday, November 22:

Thanksgiving Day greetings from the ECW staff, editors, and authors.

Civil War Cookin’: Jane S. Woolsey wrote about a good Thanksgiving meal possibly saving a Union soldier’s life.

Chris Mackowski found contrasting descriptions of Thanksgivings in 1863.

Friday, November 23:

Civil War Cookin’: Need some coffee? Or coffee substitutes?

ECW Weekender features Chris Mackowski’s tips for visiting Macon, North Carolina.

Meg Groeling shares a link for Christmas gift ideas for history buffs. Ready to do some Black Friday shopping?

Saturday, November 24:

Preservation News offers details about Kennesaw Mountain Trail Club’s workdays at the battlefield.

Civil War Cookin’: The final post for this week and year in the traditional series focuses on old words and the history of receipt and recipe.

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