Christmas Is Coming!

Oh dear! What should we get Cousin Sarah and Uncle Chris? They love history and that war—the Civil one, I think. . . whatever shall we do?

Fear not, loyal readers. Emerging Civil War is coming with a glorious flanking maneuver to hold off that panic attack and defeat in detail all your holiday concerns. Irregularly featured from now until December 25 Meg Groeling will scour the Internet looking for that perfect gift for the Civil War buff in your life.

For your perusal this evening:

Dodoburd   ( This site is associated with the New York Times.

This online company offers a variety of gifts for several passions, but the most relevant one is “23 Unique Gifts for American History Buffs.” Most include a small artifact of some variety, an article of clothing, a tour—just a nice variety of offerings. The ones that are Civil War-related include the “Gettysburg Address Keepsake with Authentic Wood Artifact,” at $275.00. The piece of wood in question is from the Wills House where Lincoln put the finishing touches on his most famous speech. The site claims that the house was renovated, and the wood was salvaged. Looks pretty cool to me, if a bit pricey. But then—Lincoln!

Another offering is the “Fort Sumter Collectible with Authentic Confederate Currency,” a steal at $149.00. It is a framed keepsake featuring a collage of the New York Times, Lee, and Grant. It includes a piece of Confederate currency as well. It was created to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the attack on Fort Sumter and comes ready to hang on the wall of your she-shack, man-cave, or wherever your Civil War stuff is displayed.

There are some other cool things from different times, including the Titanic and the Statue of Liberty. Dodoburd is associated with the New York Times in some way, so I feel that vouches for their validity.

Have fun shopping, and remember that donations to historical sites and battlefield preservation associations are always appropriate for remembering any occasion.


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