Extra! Extra! Civil War News!

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Over the previous year, Emerging Civil War has enjoyed a growing partnership with Civil War News, the monthly current events newspaper for the Civil War community. Since taking over the paper a couple years ago, owner/editor Jack Melton has been building on the great legacy established by original owner Kay Jorgensen, and ECW has been proud to be part of that renewal and growth.

As part of our relationship, Civil War News reprints ECW’s monthly newsletter. And, of course, ECW’s Steve Davis is heavily involved with the paper as its book review editor and regular contributor, which has facilitated our close working relationship.

ECW is in great company in the pages of Civil War News, so we wanted to crow about our partners there a little. To that end, we’ve invited Civil War News’ columnists to tell you about their work, their columns, and their own love of Civil War history. Over the next few weeks, we’ll share their stories in a series of guest blog posts.

If you read Civil War News already then you’re familiar with the array of talent that contributes each month on topics that range widely from material culture to photography to primary sources and more. If you don’t read Civil War News (yet!), we hope, as we showcase some of that talent, you’ll find something that piques your interest enough to check it out!

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