Week In Review: March 11-17, 2019

From a guest author’s post to an adventure in Tennessee, articles for Women’s History Month, and details about Fort Stevens, and a continuation of Civil War News interviews,  we’ve had a steady week on the ECW blog. Be sure to check out the posts on Friday, Saturday, and this morning for our celebration and remembrance of Irish-American roles during the Civil War.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Monday, March 11:

Question of the Week focused on the 1862 Valley Campaign.

Guest author Neil P. Chatelain shared his research on the Confederate navy during the Battle of New Orleans.

Tuesday, March 12:

Additional resources for the ECW Podcast “Celebrating Women’s History Month” offers a list of articles from the archives related to Civil War women and their experiences.

Civil War Trails’ Chris Brown took us adventuring in Greeneville, Tennessee.

Wednesday, March 13:

Symposium Spotlight: Learn about Fort Stevens and get a preview of the presentation for the ECW Symposium in August 2019.

Sarah Kay Bierle shared a tribute to her grandma and highlights grandmothers’ experiences during the Civil War era.

Thursday, March 14:

Paige Gibbons Backus wrote about her experiences in the history field for Women’s History Month.

Meet Civil War News’ Gould Hagler and learn about his goals to track down lesser-known historical accounts.

Friday, March 15:

Kevin Pawlak wrote the ECW Weekender and presented a new hiking map to explore the footsteps of the Irish Brigade at Antietam.

Saturday, March 16:

Saving History Saturday announced major preservation grants for Virginia and Tennessee.

Phill Greenwalt detailed the life and military experiences of Florida’s Irish General. 

Sunday, March 17: 

This morning Sarah Kay Bierle shared about her interest in the “Green Flags” of the Civil War and focused on the flags carried by the 9th Massachusetts Infantry.

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