Podcast Additional Resources: “Celebrating Women’s History Month”

Last week’s podcast episode brought you a conversation with Sarah Kay Bierle, Chris Mackowski, and Dan Welch about women during the Civil War and some of the best primary sources written by the ladies. We’ve collected details about the mentioned books and a few other articles from the ECW archives.

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Books Mentioned

Unidentified Civilian Women (probably mother and daughter) Library of Congress LC-DIG-ppmsca-36461

Blog Posts

Clara Jones: A Civil War Nurse

And Now A Brief Word About Kate Chase…

My Favorite Historical Person: Antonia Ford

My Favorite Historical Person: Sarah Broadhead

A Mother at Petersburg

In Memory of Stonewall’s Mother

Railroads – Her Journey: Ladies Traveling in Mid-19th Century America

“The Homespun Dress”

“The Women Who Went To The Field”

Discovered: Female Soldiers at Gettysburg

A Mother’s Influence

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