Week In Review: March 18-23, 2019

Spring has arrived! This week you’ll find a few articles about Civil War spring – including details on a flood and a letter from a colonel. You’ll also find a continuation and conclusion to the Extra! Extra! Series, features for Women’s History Month, a discussion of terrible battles, new podcast, and a historic speech.

It’s time for the weekly review…

Monday, March 18:

Question of the Week opened a debate about Civil War generals.

Derek Maxfield announced his new book and wrote about a flood at Hellmira in the spring months.

Tuesday, March 19:

Part 2 of the ECW Podcast “The Forgotten Fall” is now available and takes a look at autumn 1863.

Craig L. Barry from Civil War News shared about his column.

Wednesday, March 20:

Symposium Spotlight: Curious about lesser-known battles in Western Virginia in 1861? We’ve got a preview of some history that will be explored in-depth at the 2019 ECW Symposium.

Meg Groeling shared about her experiences and endeavors in the history field for Women’s History Month.

Sarah Kay Bierle offered a spring celebration, publishing a letter from Joshua Chamberlain to his six-year-old daughter.

Thursday, March 21:

Steve Davis from Civil War News and ECW shares about his focus for column research and writing: Confederate Nationalism.

Looking for lodging for the ECW Symposium in August? We’ve got details.

Todd Arrington published Alexander Stephen’s Cornerstone Speech in its entirety on the anniversary of the address.

Friday, March 22:

Chris Kolakowski shared about terrible battles and why battles are ranked for their terribleness.

ECW Weekender: Take a drive with Sarah Kay Bierle through the California back country and discover the route used by Southern sympathizers to head to the Confederacy and the location of a Federal camp to stop their escapes.

Chris Mackowski reports on the re-opening of Atlanta’s Cyclorama!

Saturday, March 23:

Saving History Saturday highlights Wilson’s Creek’s partnership to renovate its visitor center.

Saying thanks to Civil War News and wrapping up our recent series of articles from the publications columnists. We hope you’ve enjoyed the behind-the-scenes inspiration and research!

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