Podcast Additional Resources: “The Forgotten Fall, Part 2”

Did you catch last week’s podcast? Part 2 focusing on Autumn 1863, it delved into the history at Mine Run and discussed the “great battle never fought.” Today, we’ve rounded-up some sources from our archives to add to the conversation.

Also – don’t miss Chris Mackowski’s presentation on the campaign at the 2019 ECW Symposium in August. (Tickets on sale now!)

Choose a blog post or book and here’s to a morning – or evening – of reading…


The Great Battle Never Fought: The Mine Run Campaign by Chris Mackowksi (2018).

One of the newest in the Emerging Civil War Series from Savas Beatie!

Blog Posts:

The Maps of The Bristoe Station and Mine Run Campaigns

The Mine Run Campaign Comes to Locust Grove

Deconstructing Meade’s Decision at Mine Run

Meade’s Account of Mine Run

At the Center of Nothing, Meade’s Greatest Moment

From Lee’s Side of Mine Run

Meade After Mine Run on Grant After Chattanooga

A True “Legend” that “Perfectly Describes the Character of the Army of the Potomac”

Morning at Mine Run

Facebook LIVE from Payne’s Farm 155

A Walk at Payne’s Farm

Thanksgiving, 150 years ago

A New Find for New Hope Church

The Evening Smoke and Armchair Generalling After Mine Run

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