From the ECW Archives: Trevilian Station

A modern view of the post-war depot at Trevilian Station in Louisa County, Virginia.

On June 11 and 12, 1864, the Battle of Trevilian Station occurred. Union cavalry commanded by Major General Philip Sheridan swung southward, planning to join up with General David Hunter at Charlottesville, Virginia. However, near Trevilian Station Confederate cavalry commanded by Generals Wade Hampton and Fitzhugh Lee opposed the movement.

Due to the Confederate positions along the roads, Union General George Custer pushed between the Rebel units, heading for the supply wagons. The retreating Confederates closed in on Custer’s exposed command, but Sheridan and other troopers arrived, resulting in the Federal capture of the Station.

On the second day of the fight, the Union cavalry spent the morning wrecking a stretch of railroad tracks and then attacked the Confederate line. The defensive positions held, forcing Sheridan to withdraw and costing both sides an estimated total of 1,950 casualties.

The Ogg Farm at Trevilian Station

Sheridan managed to accomplish part of his objective, turning attention away from Grant. Still, he failed to decisively wreck Rebel supply lines and was prevented from joining Hunter in the Lynchburg Campaign.

For the battle anniversary, we’ve dug around in the archives and found some articles for the occasion. Many are written by our former editor Daniel T. Davis who has also written a new biography about George A. Custer – including information about Trevilian Station!

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