Week In Review: July 15-21, 2019

Welcome back for another Week In Review. We’ve got some social history mixed with military history this week. Find perspective on lesser-known battles, details about Hood taking command, a series about hunger during the war, and tips for researching in women’s studies, and much more!

Monday, July 15:

Question of the Week asked what you’d like to teach a class about history.

Sarah Kay Bierle wrote about six things she has observed while research women from the Civil War era.

Tuesday, July 16:

Additional Resources for the ECW Podcast about the Civil War Round Table Congress is now available. (Don’t forget that this podcast episode is FREE!)

Draft Riots shook New York City in 1863, and this article takes an overview look at the situation.

Wednesday, July 17:

Symposium Spotlight: Looking at perspective on lesser-known battles…from an internet search.

Guest author Katie Brown examined “Hangry” people’s experiences during the Civil War as the first part of her series on hunger and war.

Thursday, July 18: 

Guest author Katie Brown focused on the competition for food between soldiers and civilians and how governments tried to provide.

Dave Powell wrote about General Hood taking over Confederate command during the Atlanta Campaign.

Friday, July 19:

Guest author Katie Brown finished her series, spotlighting the fights and conflicts between civilians and foraging soldiers.

ECW Weekender introduced a Summer Lecture Series hosted at the Jacob Rohrbach Inn in Sharpsburg, Maryland.

Saturday, July 20:

Saving History Saturday: Sadly, we reported vandalism and attempted robbery at the Harper House in Bentonville.

Symposium Extra, Extra! There are still a couple hotel rooms available at special prices…

Sunday, July 21:

Sarah Kay Bierle wrote about her first visit to Manassas battlefield and the truth she had to face at that site.

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