Podcast Additional Resources: “A Chat With Robert Lee Hodge”

Did you have a chance to listen to the podcast conversation with Chris Mackowski and Robert Lee Hodge? It’s available to ECW Podcast subscribers at the NCO Subscription Level via Patreon.

We’ve rounded up some additional reads from the ECW archives with a variety of perspectives on reenacting/living history and Civil War memory…

Coming to My Senses: A Review of Mark Smith’s The Smell of Battle, the Taste of Siege: A Sensory History of the Civil War

Rethinking What Civil War Soldiers Remembered

California Historical Artillery Society – Interviews Part 1 and Part 2

Gettysburg Memories: Devil’s Den 125!

Being A Civil War Intern: Living History Weekends

Freedom’s Forts (A Living History program)

Teaching 8th Graders Through Living History

The Question I Could Not Answer

A Monumental Discussion (16 Posts from the Blog Series in the Summer of 2017)

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