“Harriet”—Watch The Trailer

I always get enthusiastic about movies that feature Civil War history. Oftentimes, the films fall short of my expectations, but I think there might be real reason to hope for this new movie coming in late Autumn 2019.

Called Harriet, this film has been described as a “biopic”—a dramatization of the life a historical figure. Harriet Tubman’s story will be portrayed on the big screen. At last! While Hollywood may take its liberties as usual with the details, we are surely going to see a movie about a strong, courageous woman who defied her society to find her own freedom and lead others to liberty through the Underground Railroad and the Civil War.

Need a peak at the trailer?

2 Responses to “Harriet”—Watch The Trailer

  1. Looking forward to seeing this movie. This was a gutsy lady in her time. She risked her life for freedom of others. That makes her a hero.

  2. So glad to see that Harriet’s story of fighting for freedom will finally be told on screen! Can’t wait to see it! Proud of Harriet’s heroism and all others who fought for the rights of themselves and others, such as my 3rd great grandfather, Charles Sedgwick, two term N.Y. State Representative, staunch abolitionist and fiery orator who refused to leave Congress until “every slave in every state” was free. Even through his own personal tragedies did he not waver. Nor did my 2nd great grandfather, Osgood Tracy, and his younger brother, William Tracy (Medal of Honor recipient), both staunch abolitionists who fought valiantly for the North in the 122nd NYSV. Based on their true story and cache of letters privately preserved since the Civil War: FIGHTING FOR NELLIE sarahtracyburrows.com

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