Additional Podcast Resources: “Aftermath of Battle”

Did you have a chance to hear Meg Groeling’s podcast about what happened when the battles ended? She has accomplished insightful research on the ordeals for the wounded and the burials of fallen soldiers. This podcast is available to all ECW Podcast subscribers via Patreon.

Today, we’ve combed through the archives and found a few articles related to the subject “Aftermath”:

Emerging Civil War book: The Aftermath of Battle by Meg Groeling

“A Bloody Battle is a Dreadful Experience”: Edward Craighill and the Aftermath of First Manassas

Hospitals Of First Manassas

Limb Pit at Manassas National Battlefield Continues to Show the Horrors of Civil War Medicine

Mr. Gardner and the Erosion of the “Good Death”

They Fell On The Fields Of Antietam

Notes on Richmond’s Civil War Hospitals

Night On The Battlefield

Saving History Saturday: American Battlefield Trust to Save Field Hospital Site at Gettysburg

ECW Weekender: Gettysburg Field Hospital Sites

“A Harvest of Death”: The Days After Gettysburg

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