CW & Pop Culture: It’s A Wrap!

The ECW blog series always end with a post featuring links to all the articles in the recent series. So, today we’re wrapping up “The Civil War and Pop Culture” features and here’s the collection.

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The Civil War and Pop Culture: An Introduction

Civil War Media—Ken Burns’ The Civil War

College Football

Question of the Week: 1/13-1/19/2020

I Will Always Love “Little Women”

Robert E. Lee and The Guns of the South: 1992 vs. 2019

Civil War Rock and Roll, or, Who was Larkin Poe?

Those Books of Paintings in My Childhood

The Gettysburg Soundtrack

What’s On The Series Header?

Steve Earle’s “Ben McCulloch”

Reading and Re-Reading Some Civil War Fiction

Question of the Week: 1/20-1/26/2020

The North and South Miniseries

“Like I said, the war was rough through here.” Thoughts on the film Pharaoh’s Army

A Fun Civil War Movie: The General

Superman in the Civil War

ECW Weekender: The Margaret Mitchell House

Jim Lehrer’s Certain Rest

Movies in the ECW Archives!

The 30th Anniversary of Glory, Celebrated by the 54th Mass, Co. B

Question of the Week: 1/27-2/2-2020

The Battle of New Market on the Big Screen?

Beverly Hillbillies

A Civil War Little Free Library

The Conundrum of Missouri Guerrilla Flicks

On The March with E. L. Doctorow

Question of the Week: 2/3-2/9/2020

Wearing The Civil War?

Breaking Down the “Truths” of The Personal Memoirs of Ulysses S. Grant

Gettysburg Meets Gone With The Wind, Part 1

Gettysburg Meets Gone With The Wind, Part 2

Our Last Chapter (for now)

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