Morning at Ellwood

It’s the anniversary days for Battle of the Wilderness, and on May 5, the weather was predicted to be exceptionally fine. The result? An early morning trip to the battlefield, a little hiking, and breakfast at a historic house.

Ellwood Manor is closed, like the other NPS buildings and facilities thanks to COVID-19. But if a visitor is willing to take a walk, it’s still okay to hike into the site. During the Battle of the Wilderness, General Warren—commander of the Union’s V Corps—made his headquarters in the home. Federal troops staged around the area before plunging into battle further south and west.

Here are a few photos from the morning of May 5, 2020…one hundred and fifty-six years after the Confederates surprised the columns marching through The Wilderness.

The morning view from the top step of Ellwood Manor.

The National Park Service has a marked and maintained trail that leads through the fields, along Wilderness Run, and to the runs of Wilderness Tavern. At this time of year, I found it a little muddy, so if you’re heading out to walk wear suitable shoes!

These open fields make it easy to reimagine the Union army massing for battle.

The ruins of Wilderness Tavern which burned in the 1970’s.
Wilderness Run with a modern crossing bridge. You don’t have to ford the creek in 2020…
Ellwood—from a distance

Flowers still bloom whether there are armies…or simply few visitors.

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    1. I know it was just a typo, but I, too, have been weeding during isolation. Imagine having to weed Ellwood!

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