Saving History Saturday: New Preservation & Interpretive Grant For Maryland

In the midst of a challenging week, some positive preservation news came from Maryland. More than $5 million has been given through a grant for historic preservation and tourism.

The new funding has been designated to assist thirteen heritage areas and includes  battlefields, museums, historic town areas, local historical societies, and heritage foundations.

A non-profit—The Heart of the Civil War Heritage Area—will be helping to oversee the projects and funding which are supposed to boost educational experiences. Some of the projects already on the list are upgrading historic railroad stations, adding educational displays and African-American exhibits, improving tour bus pull-offs, supporting architectural restoration, maintaining trails, and hiring new site interpreters.

The original article and news report is available here:

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1 Response to Saving History Saturday: New Preservation & Interpretive Grant For Maryland

  1. Diane Mcvey says:

    With all the devastation of tearing down statues to Civil War leaders I am glad to see an effort to preserved and TEACH history instead of erasing it.

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