Week In Review: July 19-26, 2020

Welcome back for Week in Review! This week it’s a mix of historical accounts, primary sources, perspectives on current events, ties to the war, a virtual museum tour, read-alongs and more.

Sunday, July 19:

Sarah Kay Bierle posted Part 17 of Bucklin’s Hospital and Camp read-along.

Chris Mackowki added some thoughts on monuments and battlefields.

Monday, July 20:

Question of the Week spotlighted First Bull Run/Manassas and officers’ experiences.

Steve Davis requests and explains “No more Jonesboropia!”

Kevin Pawlak added a comment on Civil War monuments.

Tuesday, July 21:

Kristen Pawlak shared about an Iowa newspaper’s critical reporting of Civil War hospitals.

Guest author Chris Bryan wrote about General Jubal Early and his experiences in the summer of 1862.

Chris Mackowski posted a photo of Joseph Revere’s beard.

Wednesday, July 22:

Edward Alexander wrote about World War II Amphibious Training on the Hatcher’s Run Battlefields.

Guest author Michael Singleton shared about Colonel James K. Marshall and his death at Gettysburg.

Thursday, July 23:

Sarah Kay Bierle added some of Charles Lynch’s journal excerpts about swimming breaks during the 1864 campaigns.

Jon-Erik Gilot shared details about General Benjamin F. Kelley’s relatives in the Confederacy.

Cecily Nelson Zander posted about monuments in Custer City, Colorado.

Friday, July 24:

Chris Kolakowski added some perspective on Army posts since 1860.

ECW Weekender highlighted the Trans-Mississippi Theater Virtual Museum.

Saturday, July 25:

Chris Mackowski shared some good news from Civil War Trails.

Sunday, July 26:

Sarah Kay Bierle added Part 18 of the read-along through Sophronia Bucklin’s memoirs.

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