Home Libraries: Concluding The Saga

It’s been a couple weeks of going (virtually) from home to home and browsing the bookshelves. As the the series wraps up, we’ve compiled a list of all the posts for the blog collection.

Sending a big thank you to all our writers who participated and all the readers who shared their stories in the comments!

Home Libraries: An Introduction

Home Libraries: The Franklin Street Library (Bert Dunkerly)

Home Libraries: Where Is That Book? (Sarah Kay Bierle)

Home Libraries: Question of the Week: 9/21-9/27/20

Home Libraries: My Civil War Bookshelf – The Macmillan Wars of the United States (Cecily Nelson Zander)

Home Libraries: A Salty Civil War Library (Dwight Hughes)

Home Libraries: Tending the Groeling Library (Meg Groeling)

Home Libraries: Truly Making it Home (Ryan Quint)

ECW Weekender: Mark Twain’s Home Library – Virtually

Home Libraries: “I Cannot Live Without Books” (Chris Mackowski)

Home Libraries: Civil War Library Ramblings (Jon-Erik Gilot)

Home Libraries: Question of the Week: 9/28-10/4/20

Home Libraries: A Small, Slow Start (Dan Welch)

Home Libraries: Across Time and Place (Terry Rensel)

Home Libraries: A Cat To Complete The Collection (Derek Maxfield)

Home Libraries: There’s A Method To The Madness (Sarah Kay Bierle)

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