Week In Review: October 25-November 1, 2020

German prisoners at Gettysburg? What a veteran found on a return trip to a battlefield? Soldiers exploring a cave? We’ve got some uniquely insightful posts and accounts this week. Happy reading!

Sunday, October 25:

In the evening, Chris Mackowski posted about Rudely Stamp’d’s newest one-act history stage production.

Monday, October 26:

Question of the Week focused on historical legends.

Guest author Nathan Provost shared about his experiences writing from the Trans-Mississippi Theater.

Tuesday, October 27:

Edward Alexander wrote about John Billings, a Civil War veteran, returning to battlefields after the war and what he found at Burgess Mill.

Chris Mackowski re-examined the grisly photo “Effect of a shell on a Confederate.”

Wednesday, October 28:

Guest author Jon Tracey shared his research about German prisoners of war at Gettysburg.

The ECW October Newsletter is available. Did Chris Mackowski reveal who he will be for Halloweeen?

Thursday, October 29:

Derek Maxfield revealed the destination of his pilgrimage as a devoted historian (and book collector).

Kevin Pawlak took another look at Major Hilary Herbert’s after-action report from the Battle of Antietam.

There’s a new, free ECW Podcast: Imagining Wild Bill Hickok

Friday, October 30:

Chris Kolakowski posted a Civil War Echo about the Keystone Division.

ECW Weekender highlights the virtual tour of Madison, Wisconsin’s Forest Hill Cemetery.

Saturday, October 31:

Saving History Saturday: A cyclist is helping to raise awareness to preserve Loudoun County’s historic gravel roads.

Meg Groeling pulls back the curtain on her new project…no tricks today!

Chris Mackowski remembers Stephwall Jackson from previous Halloween nights.

Sarah Kay Bierle posted a “creepy” account of some Texans going into dark places…

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