Week In Review: November 9-15, 2020

Lot of great content this week, including several new historic site videos!

Monday, November 9:

Question of the Week addressed Army of the Potomac leadership in November 1862.

Guest author Sheritta Bitikofer shared Part 1 of her research on Camp Moore, Louisiana’s largest training camp.

Tuesday, November 10:

Part 2 of Sheritta Bitikofer’s research on Camp Moore.

Steve Davis posted a discovered source for the story about D.H. Hill’s response to a musician’s request for furlough.

Wednesday, November 11:

Sarah Kay Bierle shared Veterans Day greetings and some Civil War photos and poetry.

Early Bird Tickets are available for the 2021 ECW Symposium.

Thursday, November 12:

Meg Groeling reviewed the book Patriots Twice: Former Confederates and the Building of America after the Civil War

Chris Mackowski posted that he’ll be participating in a publicly accessible (via Zoom) discussion about Civil War monuments hosted by St. Bonaventure University.

Friday, November 13:

Sarah Kay Bierle added a political cartoon from the 1848 election.

ECW Weekender: Chris Mackowski and Bert Dunkerly went LIVE at North Anna River.

Saturday, November 14:

Saving History Saturday: Fort D at Cape Girardeau in Missouri has finished a recent round of renovations.

Chris Mackwoski added a new video, illustrating the difficulties that rivers could present to Civil War commanders.

Sunday, November 15:

Meg Groeling shared Weekly Whitman and you can hear a recording of the poet reading one of his pieces.

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