Gettysburg Bliss

Full Moon Over Little Round Top (Photo by Chris Heisey)

November’s Full Moon was November 30, and I find shooting the setting moon in early morning is many times easier than shooting the rising moon at sunset. Lining up the moving parts can be a challenge. The moon for November is dubbed “Frosty Moon” or “Beaver Moon,” so named for the frequent frosts of November and the month when beavers begin their winter hibernation.

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7 Responses to Gettysburg Bliss

  1. Richard Dulyea says:

    Beautiful shot!

  2. billhenck says:

    What time was the photo taken? It’s remarkable.

    • Chris Heisey says:

      Thank you the kind remarks. It was taken at 5:45 am. Rather dark to the naked eye, but the camera sensor is sensitive to the dawning nautical light pre-sunrise more so than naked eye is. Peace, Chris.

  3. Charles S Martin says:

    Absolutely gorgeous

  4. grego says:

    that’s a great pic!

  5. Steward T. Henderson says:

    Great picture, Chris!

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