Maine at War: January 2021

CSS Sumter slips past the USS Iroquois

Here’s what our friend Brian Swartz was up to in January at his blog, Maine at War:

January 6, 2021: Maine naval officer fights on the Mississippi
Acting Volunteer Master John F. Harden of Rockland chases Raphael Semmes in the Caribbean before helping David Farragut shoot past the Mississippi River forts to capture New Orleans. Then Harden finds himself off Vicksburg when the ironclad CSS Arkansas comes calling on the Union fleet ….

January 13, 2021: The 20th Maine’s Dirty, Rotten Skulker, part 1
When Governor Israel Washburn Jr. commissions the 20th Maine Infantry’s field staff, the major’s position goes to Charles D. Gilmore, a 7th Maine Infantry veteran. Ellis Spear soon notices that when the bullets fly, Gilmore’s nowhere to be found.

January 20, 2021: The 20th Maine’s Dirty, Rotten Skulker, part 2
Whether at Middleburg, Gettysburg, Rappahannock Station, or most Petersburg-related fights involving the 20th Maine Infantry, Lt. Col. Charles D. Gilmore disappears before a fight and reappears like clockwork when the shooting’s over.

January 27, 2021: The 4th Maine’s Johnnies Come Marching Home, part 1
Including himself, Col. Elijah Walker brings 145 hard-bitten 4th Maine Infantry veterans home to Rockland in mid-June 1864. Area residents plan a welcoming bash that will feature a particularly appropriate song.

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