Exploring Gettysburg with Sue Boardman (part four)

part four in a series

The Gettysburg battlefield is, of course, covered with monuments and memorials. For the next stop on our tour of the battlefield, Sue directed us to the very heart of the July 3 battle: “The Angle,” where Confederates in Pickett’s Charge broke through the Federal line. Nestled in the crook of The Angle is a monument to the 71st Pennsylvania–the California Regiment–and starting there, Sue and I walked south along the Federal position. She shared story after story about the monuments lined up on the front line.

6 Responses to Exploring Gettysburg with Sue Boardman (part four)

  1. This is the greatest program, wind not withstanding. Thanks for thinking of this series of videos, Chris. Sue, thanks for telling these great stories.
    It took me several visits to Gettysburg to really understand that the monumentation on this battlefield really reflected the way the soldiers saw the field and wanted their descendants — us — to see and understand this great battle.

  2. A few corrections. Colonel Paul Joseph Revere (not Joseph Paul) of the 20th Massachusetts Infantry was mortally wounded during the fighting on July 2nd, not during Pickett’s Charge. Revere would die of his wounds on July 4. .

  3. I for one would like to see more of Sue on ECW. She’s both well spoken and knowledgeable. Very easy to listen to, more please.

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