Exploring Gettysburg with Sue Boardman (part five)

part five in a series

When Sue Boardman and I toured around Gettysburg earlier this month, visiting her favorite spots on the battlefield, she wanted to make sure we’d have time to visit Soldiers National Cemetery (also popularly known as Gettysburg National Cemetery).

As viewers have seen from previous videos in the series, it was an especially windy March day–the month was coming in like a lion, as the old saying goes–so it presented a challenge to my low-tech approach to these videos. That said, Sue offered some excellent insights about Lincoln’s visit that are worth suffering through the wind shear to hear.

3 Responses to Exploring Gettysburg with Sue Boardman (part five)

    1. That remains one of the enduring myths of the Gburg Address, but in fact, Lincoln spent a good deal of time on the text, thinking about it and writing it.

  1. Sue, I find your analysis of why Lincoln came HERE very persuasive. He was a brilliant politician and he understood the importance of symbolism in his presidency and to our nation in the midst of a terrible civil war. Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

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