When Was Easter During The American Civil War?

Easter moves around on the calendar—on different Sundays in spring each year. So when was the religious holiday during the years of the American Civil War?

March 31, 1861

April 20, 1862

April 5, 1863

March 27, 1864

April 16, 1865

The April 19, 1862 edition of The Brooklyn Eagle newspaper in New York gave this summary and observation on the celebrations during this period of American history, reflecting the religious observances and the “German tradition” of Easter eggs:

Tomorrow will be Easter Sunday—the anniversary of the resurrection of the Savior of the world—of the day that proclaimed to the world that to the good man “death has no sting” and over him “the grave no victory.” Today closes the season of Lent, and tomorrow the Episcopal and Catholic Churches signify by special services the great event that the day is set apart to commemorate.

The eggs that are supposed to have accumulated during the season of fast, are used on Easter Sunday; among the Germans more especially the eggs are colored in various fanciful ways and presented to the little people, who are supposed to labor under the pleasant delusion that the significance of this day is not confined to man alone, and that the eggs on that day are not indebted to human agency for the variegations….

Wishing you a bright and peaceful Sunday. Happy Easter!

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