On The Eve Of War: Conclusion

Wrapping up our journey through different historic locations “on the eve of war” and sending a big thank you to the authors who contributed and all the readers who have been following the posts.

If you’ve missed any of the articles in the series, please use this post for easy access. We have some more series coming up later in the year related to events and happenings in 1861. Stay tuned!

On The Eve Of War: An Introduction

Yorktown, Virginia

Atlanta, Georgia

Williamsburg, Virginia

The U.S. Capitol Building

New Market, Virginia

Buffalo, New York

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

The Commonwealth of Kentucky

Appomattox, Virginia

Charleston, South Carolina

New Orleans, Louisiana

An Englishman in Washington

The Missouri Bootheel

Chancellorsville, Virginia

The State of Florida

Little Round Top & Devil’s Den

Los Angeles, California

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