Question of the Week: 4/26-5/2/21

In your opinion, what’s the most important piece of high ground at Gettysburg? And why is it important than others?

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6 Responses to Question of the Week: 4/26-5/2/21

  1. nygiant1952 says:

    Cemetery Hill and Culp’s Hill.
    Cemetery Hill was the prominent topographical feature one saw upon entering Gettysburg.

    Culp’s Hill was on the flank of Cemetery Hill and if occupied by the Rebels, could have forced the AoP off of Cemetery Hill.

    Both protected the Baltimore Pike, the main route if the AoP was to leave Gettysburg, and the main line of supply for the AoP.

  2. Ted Romans says:

    The high ground that Captain Samuel Johnston was tasked to climb for the purpose of performing a reconnaissance as to where the Federal Line ended on the early morning of July 2. Was it Little Round Top? Was it Big Round Top? Or was it Mt. Everest? No one seems to know for certain as to what edifice the good Captain climbed that morning. But as a result of him not seeing elements of the 3rd Corps that spent the night in the shallow valley between the Emmitsburg Road and Cemetery Ridge, nor hearing the marching of the 2nd Corps moving up the Taneytown Road to take position on Cemetery Ridge, the decision was made by Lee to attempt to turn the Union Left. This fateful reconnaissance mission paved the way for the battles that followed.

  3. Charles Martin says:

    The high ground near the crest of Cemetery Ridge that Ambrose Wright’s Brigade seized for a short time on the second day but, without support, abandoned their gain. Lee’s assumption that a full scale attack by Pickett’s unbloodied Division supported by elements of A.P. Hill’s Corps would complete the breakthrough in the Union center, and its failure to do so, sealed the fate of Lee’s army at Gettysburg.

  4. grandadpookers says:

    I enjoy all of the comments and credit them all for great insight and well reasoned rationale. Before I read them, I answered to myself as nygiant1952 did: Cemetery Hill and Culp’s Hill. The high ground briefly secured by Wright is an interesting response, but not the “most important” high ground. I like Ranger Harmon’s book with its evidence in support of Cemetery Hill/Zieglers Grove as the objective of the July 2 rollup attack and the July 3 assault.

  5. Tom Pilla says:

    I’m also with nygiant, Cemetery Hill and Culp’s Hill.

  6. Douglas Pauly says:

    Seems to me that ALL of the high ground there proved vital at one time or other.

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