Recruiting The Regiment: Conclusion

It’s time to wrap up the recruiting series as the 160th Anniversary timeline inches ever-closer to the first major battle of the Civil War. Sending a big thank-you to all the ECW authors and guest authors who contributed their research and writing to create this series.

If you missed “recruiting posts” over the last few weeks, here’s the list for future reading and reference.


Die Neuner (9th Ohio)

The Flower of the Home Guard: Confederate Guards Response Battalion

Recruiting A Future General

The 14th Brooklyn

The Tale of a Rabbit Conscript?

York County and the 130th Pennsylvania Infantry

Politics by other means – the 36th Illinois Infantry Regiment goes to war

The First Missouri Confederate Infantry Regiment

Iron Men for Iron Ships

The 2nd Maine Volunteer Infantry

The Erie Regiment

“Remarkable Patriotism”

New York Regimental Posters

The Militia & The 2nd Maine Infantry

The 154th New York—A Regiment That Wasn’t Meant To Be

Discovering The Doctor In The Ranks Of The 2nd Virginia Infantry

A New State Answers The Call To War (Wisconsin)

“The drowsy lion must have time to collect itself.” (16th Maine Infantry)

The Petersburg Regiment, 12th Virginia Infantry

Stuart Horse Artillery

Off to the War at the Movies?

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