Week In Review: July 18-25, 2021

Three new books on the ECW shelves this week and lots of history connected to the Battle of Bull Run/Manassas…

Sunday, July 18:

In the evening, a new podcast episode released: The Civil War Summer of ’63

Monday, July 19:

Question of the Week looked at important moments at Bull Run/Manassas.

Guest author Chris Bryan shared Part 2 of his research, focusing on the Georgians in the East Woods.

The newest book in the ECW Series is now available: Passing Through the Fire: Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain in the Civil War

Guest author Mark Harnitchek added bookshelf commentary on The Price for Their Pound of Flesh

Tuesday, July 20:

Bert Dunkerly examined “one battle syndrome” on the eve of the anniversary of First Manassas.

My ECW Story: Sarah Kay Bierle answered a few questions.

The Summer of ’63: Gettysburg is now available! (The first in ECW’s 10th Anniversary Book Series)

The 2021 Symposium is sold out!

Wednesday, July 21:

Chris Heisey posted a stunning photograph of the stone bridge at Bull Run.

Sheritta Bitikofer shared about the 7th Georgia’s hidden infantry marker at Manassas Battlefield.

JoAnna McDonald wrote about uniforms at the first major battle of the Civil War.

Meg Groeling shared Part 1 of her research on the 11th New York Zouaves at First Bull Run.

Thursday, July 22:

Meg Groeling shared Part 2 of her research on the 11th New York Zouaves at First Bull Run.

Steve Davis posted some historical trivia related to the First Battle of Manassas.

Guest author Tim Talbott has been studying the life and death of Private Thomas Young, Co. A, 5th USCI.

Friday, July 23:

Chris Mackowski added a link to his presentation about Grant’s Last Battle.

ECW Weekender highlighted new programs from Grant Cottage.

And there’s a new book in the Engaging The Civil War Series—Matchless Organization: The Confederate Army Medical Department

Saturday, July 24:

Saving History Saturday spotlighted preservation and commemorations at Buffington Island Battlefield.

Doug Crenshaw reviewed Meade at Gettysburg: A Study in Command.

Sunday, July 25:

Weekly Whitman: Meg Groeling has been considering Whitman and the Olympics.

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