Van Gogh as Grant

Earlier this week, my wife and I had the chance to visit the Immersive Van Gogh Experience in Washington, D.C. It was definitely worth a visit. Van Gogh’s art was bold and powerful, and to see it expressed in creative multimedia ways was a treat.

At the end, visitors were invited to take up crayons and create their own Van Gogh-inspired works based on some of his paintings. In essence, they provided black-and-white sketches of some of Van Gogh’s works, and we could color them in. Jenny chose a street scene while I chose one of Van Gogh’s 1887 self portraits, “Self-Portrait in Gray Felt Hat.”

I felt inspired to give my work a Civil War twist:


The QR codes let us scan our work into a projector system that then projected a digital copy of the image onto an art gallery-style wall.

I stayed in the lines (mostly).

Learn more about Van Gogh’s 35 self-portraits from the Van Gogh Museum.

4 Responses to Van Gogh as Grant

  1. With the gray hat, Van Gogh would have been a Confederate, so you were close, but no cigar. Just kidding. Your picture actually looks good.

  2. My wife and I also attended but did not think of a Grant connection, however we should have as Grant was actually your accomplish artist. many of his paintings and sketches still survive today.

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