Andersonville on YouTube

On a rather blustery November day, Sheritta Bitikofer took a trip to Andersonville National Historic Site in Georgia for their annual Civil War Day. There, she shot a few videos and interviewed some of the staff and volunteer interpreters about life at Andersonville to share with the ECW viewership. At the Andersonville NHS, one can also visit the National Prisoner of War Museum that tells the story of American POWs from the American Revolution forward.



Sheritta would like to thank the great rangers and staff at Andersonville NHS, including Jody Mays, Caitlyn Edwards, Charles Barr, Davis Duffey, Teri Serber, and John Puchlet. Also a shoutout to the volunteers featured in the video, Benjamin Marsh and Mark Hale. Without them, the video would not have been possible.

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