Week In Review: November 28-December 5, 2021

It’s been a full week of new content on the blog! Have you added any new books from the Emerging Civil War Series to your “to-read list”…or are you a collector who has them all stockpiled on the shelf?

Sunday, November 28:

Emerging Civil War Series: Attack at Daylight and Whip Them

Monday, November 29:

Question of the Week highlighted history-field nonprofits in preparation for Giving Tuesday.

Kristen M. Trout shared Nathaniel Lyon’s response to the 1860 election results.

Emerging Civil War Series: To Hazard All

Tuesday, November 30:

Jon-Erik Gilot posted about a deadly accident on the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad and one regiment who suffered its highest casualties on that day.

The November 2021 Emerging Civil War Newsletter is now available. (And there’s a baby picture!)

Emerging Civil War Series: All Hell Can’t Stop Them

Wednesday, December 1:

Symposium Spotlight: Brian Matthew Jordan will be speaking at the 2022 Symposium in August. Tickets are on sale now with just a few more weeks of Early Bird prices.

Patrick Young from The Reconstruction Era blog explored E.P. Alexander’s time in Washington and Lincoln’s assassination.

Emerging Civil War Series: The Great Battle Never Fought

Thursday, December 2:

Meg Groeling had a submarine in her little free library?

Brian Swartz shared his recent posts and research from Maine at War.

Emerging Civil War Series: Let Us Die Like Men

Friday, December 3:

Sean Michael Chick wrote about P.G.T. Beauregard’s slide from Confederate hero into oblivion over the course of the Civil War.

Jon Tracey posted about taking some special Civil War artifacts back to Antietam battlefield.

Emerging Civil War Series: Call Out The Cadets

Saturday, December 4:

Saving History Saturday: American Battlefield Trust is working to preserve land at two historic tavern sites and battlegrounds in Virginia.

Terry Rensel shared about the 111th Pennsylvania Regiment at the Battle of Lookout Mountain.

Sunday, December 5:

Check out the new video from Andersonville National Historic Site on ECW YouTube page.

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