Week In Review: December 12-19, 2021

The blog featured several historic anniversaries this week, along with the continuation of the “Western Swing,” conclusion of the ECW Series Series, and more! Don’t miss the anticipated premiere of Steward Henderson’s filmed presentation about USCT.

Sunday, December 12:

Emerging Civil War Series: The Carnage Was Fearful

Day 4 of the Western Swing and filming with the American Battlefield Trust.

Monday, December 13:

Question of the Week highlighted critical decisions during the Battle of Fredericksburg.

Sarah Kay Bierle posted about an English observer in the Confederate lines during the Battle of Fredericksburg.

Emerging Civil War Series: Man of Fire

It’s Day 5 of the Western Swing and filming with special guests.

Tuesday, December 14:

Sheritta Bitikofer shared some cheers for homespun.

Jon Tracey spotlighted the medical treatment of a soldier from the Iron Brigade.

Emerging Civil War Series: Dreams of Victory

Wednesday, December 15:

Symposium Spotlight: Want a 2022 Symposium Ticket in your stocking? There’s still time to enjoy the Early Bird offer.

Steward Henderson’s presentation on USCT premiered this week!

Sarah Kay Bierle posted about 1861 in Gone with the Wind on the anniversary of the movie’s release.

Emerging Civil War Series: Traces of the Bloody Struggle

Day 6 of the Western Swing and the filming team worked at Franklin Battlefield.

Thursday, December 16:

Jon Tracey wrote about the Virginia Monument at Gettysburg.

Kevin Pawlak shared about the unfinished capital dome during the Civil War and some soldiers who climbed to the top.

Emerging Civil War Series: Endnotes

Friday, December 17:

David T. Dixon posted about the Battle of Rowlett’s Station on the 160th anniversary.

Kristen Trout reflected on historic preservation and natural disasters.

Steward Henderson’s presentation about USCT has been released!

Emerging Civil War Series: The Publisher

Saturday, December 18:

Saving History Saturday: A preservation walk at Gaines Mill and Cold Harbor

It’s Day 7 of the Western Swing with a visit to Nashville.

Emerging Civil War Series: The Afterword

Sunday, December 19:

This morning we’ve added photos and some thoughts from Wreaths Across America at Winchester National Cemetery.

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