Unpublished: Conclusion

We’re wrapping up the blog series “Unpublished” with the usual end-of-series list of all the posts. Sending a big thank you for the writers and to all the blog readers for making this series interesting, lively, and unique.

We hope it may inspire you to enjoy some archive work to read and research from unpublished resources. Or maybe you’ll consider sharing or donating unpublished, historic family papers to an archive for safekeeping and further study!

Unpublished: An Introduction

Unpublished: Learning about the Civil War in Notre Dame’s archives (Max Longley)

Unpublished: A Trio of Favorite Unpublished Primary Sources from the Civil War and Beyond (Neil P. Chatelain)

Unpublished: Transcribing for Research & Publication (Sarah Kay Bierle)

Unpublished: The Pension Files: Unveiling the Humanity of the Civil War Soldier (Guest Author Doug Ullman Jr.)

Question of the Week: 6/20-6/26/22

Unpublished: Memoirs and Scrapbooks in Kenosha’s Civil War Museum (Meg Groeling)

Unpublished — The International War: Alabama Claims Documentation (Dwight Hughes)

Unpublished: Unit Papers (Chris Kolakowski)

Unpublished: Diary of a Louisiana Conscript (Sheritta Bitikofer)

Unpublished: A 5th Maine Musician Detailed Mundane and Crucial Events (Brian Swartz)

Unpublished: Channing Price’s Pocket Diary, 1861-1862 (Sarah Kay Bierle)

Unpublished: Thomas D. Evans Pocket Diary, 1864 (Sarah Kay Bierle)

Unpublished: What’s Not in the O.R.s? (Chris Mackowski)

Unpublished: Chatting about Civil War Women’s Writings 

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