Year in Review 2022: Blog Series

Looking back, the Emerging Civil War Blog hosted some special series in 2022. Some loosely focused on the 160th anniversary and others highlighted themes from ECW events. As always, sending a big thank you to the authors and guest authors who participated in the series writing and to the readers for indulging us in our topical explorations.

Featured in February 2022, this series took a journey through the history, ruins, and preserved earthworks of Civil War Forts along the seaboard, riverways, and inland locations.

Check out the blog post collection here: Civil War Forts

These posts published in April 2022 and focused on accounts of marches during the Civil War. From strategic and tactical to logistics and common soldier complaining, this series ranged over miles of historic territory with few stragglers.

Check out the blog post collection here: On The March

“Unpublished” took the spotlight in June 2022 as we featured primary sources yet-to-be transcribed for publication. Some fascinating pieces came to light from the depths of the archives as we helped these written voices from the past “emerge” into discussion once again or perhaps for the first time!

Check out the blog post collection here: Unpublished

Featured at the time of the Emerging Civil War Symposium (August 2022), this series played with chance and developed into realistic, hypothetical scenarios. Some loved it, some hated it, but it was a fun summer project while it lasted and brought lots of opportunities to explore the historical details around famous or lesser-known impactful events.

Check out the blog post collection here: What If…?

The last official blog series of 2022 published in September and October, featuring a collection of Civil War medical posts and research. From soldier accounts to surgeon biographies, research notes and legacy of Civil War medicine, this series explored the changes and challenges of saving lives in the 1860s.

Check out the blog post collection here: Binding A Nation’s Wounds

We’re already prepping some ideas for new topics for 2023! Stay tuned…

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