Week In Review: July 18-24, 2022

Plenty of new articles on the blog this week!

Monday, July 18:

Question of the Week spotlighted historic structures on battlefields.

Sheritta Bitikofer wrote about a soldier’s “housewife.”

Tuesday, July 19:

Brian Matthew Jordan reviewed Hearts Torn Asunder: Trauma in the Civil War’s Final Campaign in North Carolina.

Cecily Nelson Zander wrote about a Texas tall tale. 

There’s a new ECW Podcast episode with Sean M. Chick about his new biography of Beauregard.

Wednesday, July 20:

Symposium Spotlight: We’re excited about the raffle…

Neil P. Chatelain found a statue of Lincoln in London.

Chris Mackowski wrote about Amiel Whipple’s armor of dirt.

Thursday, July 21:

Kevin Pawlak shared some Union perspective on the nickname “Stonewall.”

Chris Kolakowski wrote about the Normal School Company.

Friday, July 22:

Derek Maxfield reviewed Lincoln and Native Americans.

ECW Weekender: Sarah Kay Bierle explored Bienville Square in Mobile, Alabama.

Sheritta Bitikofer wrote about a refugee from Pensacola, Florida.

Saturday, July 23:

Saving History Saturday: The rehabilitation of Little Round Top is scheduled to begin.

Brian Swartz wrote about the colonel of the 24th Maine criticizing General Banks.

Sunday, July 24:

Terry Rensel shared a photo of the Erie County Soldiers’ Memorial.

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