Watching Out for Grant?

I saw this set of road signs in Point Pleasant, Ohio, near the Ulysses S. Grant Birthplace. I have no idea if someone was making a joke or getting in a dig or what when they installed the signs, but folks who know the story of U.S. Grant and the reports of his drinking will certainly know what I’m talking about:

Considering the overall historical illiteracy of society at large, it’s entirely possibleĀ  someone paired these signs together with absolutely no sense of irony at all, completely ignorant or oblivious of the stories at all. (State departments of transportation are not necessarily known for having senses of humor!)

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  1. Waiting for the meme where the sign reads:


  2. By bringing science into the discussion, we all can elevate this thread to a serious and erudite analysis.

    If we do want have a serious discussion regarding alcohol, let’s recall that in early 19th Century, in the United States, drinking alcohol was an accepted part of American life.

    In fact, we can attribute the drinking of alcohol with the survival of the human race. Looking at the fermentation process and science, we all know that alcohol is healthier to drink than putrid water because the process of making wine and beer kills bacteria that cause disease.

    Recall what disease are transmitted via putrid water…dysentery, diarrhea, cholera, typhoid,….all diseases prevalent in the Civil War.

    It was only with the development of tea and coffee with the addition of the boiling of water which again kills bacteria, that man moved away from the daily morning consumption of alcohol.

    As far as Grant is concerned, the evidence is pretty strong that he was a functioning alcoholic. I don’t believe he was drunk at Shiloh ( heck, anyone would have had a drink after Shiloh, which was up to that time the bloodiest battle of the Civil War).

    Plus, knowing human nature the way I have studied, I feel that many were envious of Grant’s success and just wanted to tear him down.

    1. Giant, my wife is always telling me the same about coffee and tea in the morning … i usually down several shots of Jack to ward-off any errant strains of cholera that may be lurking around the house — strictly medicinal of course … i told her i was willing to compromise by putting the Jack in the coffee … i got the “if looks could kill” expression — no fun.

  3. With a grandchild now attending college in Ohio, I can add this stop to a future exploration of Grant’s childhood in the Buckeye State!

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