Symposium Recap (postscript): Garry Adelman in Motion

Garry and I mug for the Symposium audience

One of the things I’ve come to enjoy the most about working with Garry Adelman is his exuberant energy and expressiveness. He is renown among Civil War audiences for his animation and enthusiasm. And I have to tell you, what you see is what you get. Garry is like that not just on camera but in real life. It makes him a tremendous amount of fun to spend time with on a battlefield.

Symposium guests got a taste of that when they saw him deliver the keynote address at this year’s 8th Annual Emerging Civil War Symposium at Stevenson Ridge.

As I looked through all the great photos that Hank Ballone sent to me, I couldn’t help but marvel at Garry’s animation, even on film. Although, as the old adage goes, a moving target is harder to hit—and that’s as true for photographers as anyone else—Hank managed to capture a good sense of Garry in motion. I decided to piece together some of those pics so you could see for yourself the fluidity of Garry Adelman:

If you want more Garry Adelman, I did a five-part interview with Garry. You can check that out here. And of course, check out his many, many videos on the American Battlefield Trust’s YouTube page.

6 Responses to Symposium Recap (postscript): Garry Adelman in Motion

  1. In all the dozens of times I have been privileged to see Garry, he has always been animated. I teased him before his presentation that I was about to see a new persona since he was giving the keynote at a respected conference. He shook his head. Garry was right.

  2. Garry is how I visualize Stonewall Jackson acting in combat—especially the Cedar Mountain moments…

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