Maine at War August 2022 blog posts

In August 2022 my Maine at War blog examined topics ranging from a dentist who assumed new wartime vocations to a recent Strong Vincent biography and a particular company of nine-month soldiers who served well at Port Hudson.

Union troops assigned to Maj. Gen. Christopher C. Augur’s 1st Division attack the Port Hudson defenses in the May 27, 1863 assault that resulted in heavy Union losses for no significant military gain. (Harper’s Weekly)

August 3, 2022: The dentist turned chaplain turned newspaper correspondent

John K. Lincoln gave up his dental practice to earn a ministerial degree. Then he signed on as a regimental chaplain and started writing letters rich in details and personalities to the local newspaper.

August 10, 2022: New biography explains why Strong Vincent was “The Lion of Round Top”

Erie, Pennsylvania historian Hans G. Myers brings to life an overlooked Gettysburg hero with the new book, The Lion of Round Top: The Life and Military Service of Brigadier General Strong Vincent in the American Civil War.

August 17, 2022: Gardiner on the Kennebec provided recruits for Co. I

When Maine started raising nine-month regiments in late summer 1862, men living in Gardiner on the Kennebec River turned out to fill Co. I, 24th Maine Infantry Regiment. The recruits had never heard of Port Hudson, but they certainly would — and soon.

August 24, 2002: Gardiner reporter went one 24th Maine comment too far

In mid-August 1863 Gardiner residents staged a “welcome home celebration” for the city’s veterans who had just returned home with Co. I, 24th Maine Infantry Regiment. A local reporter stuck his foot big time in his mouth while watching the evening’s festivities.

August 31, 2002: 26th Maine: “The men were worthy of their officers”

Ellsworth residents hurriedly organized a proper homecoming for Co. C, the so-called “Ellsworth company,” after the battle- and disease-battered 26th Maine Infantry Regiment arrived home from Port Hudson in August 1863.

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