ECW Podcast: The Battle of Jackson

Dan Welch steps in as guest host to talk with Chris Mackowski about Chris’s new book, “The Battle of Jackson, Mississippi,” which covers one of the most overlooked phases of Grant’s Vicksburg Campaign.

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2 Responses to ECW Podcast: The Battle of Jackson

  1. Imagine “knowing about the Surrender of Vicksburg in July 1863” without having any awareness of the Battles of Champion Hill, Raymond, and Big Black River Bridge. This encapsulates the importance of Chris M’s recent publication, “The Battle of Jackson” (one of Grant’s other stepping stones to Vicksburg) which is admirably promoted in the above podcast.
    Jackson Mississippi was the scene of Civil War action on more than one occasion; but the Battle of 14 May 1863 (and its immediate aftermath) was the capstone that proclaimed the arrival of the Team of Grant, Sherman & McPherson as a force to be reckoned with for the duration of the contest. I, for one, am looking forward to reading this account of the battle by Chris Mackowski.

    1. Thanks, Mike! I agree, knowing about Grant’s lead-up to Vicksburg provides important context for his ultimate success. The campaign was, in many ways, the proving ground for his victory.

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