ECW Podcast: Gettysburg 1963

Historian Jill Ogline Titus gives us a chance to see the most famous small town in America, Gettysburg, in a new way: at the crossroads of Centennial planning, the Civil Rights Movement, and Cold War patriotism.

Read more with the author’s book on the subject, now available through UNC Press.

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2 Responses to ECW Podcast: Gettysburg 1963

  1. Very good. I’m a historian (BA, MA and PhD work) that has worked in the public history field for decades and the interpretation over the past is a moving target, as this podcast over this book shows. Fascinating how 1963’s view of 1863 and all the festivities for it can show how it can range in emotions and drive over these last 130 (almost!) years! It reminded me how years back, NPS had a video on Nat Turner during February (c. 2004?) and the public historian way to show this – for instance, the South buried the ‘look’ of Nat Turner so the producers had several different actors portray Nat; and how majority of the historians they had to speak on this uprising were white, so a way to ‘off-set’ that was to show how the producers/film crew for it were African-American. My college prof (I was in PhD program at the time) didn’t understand the nuances of them doing this in any way, but I had worked in museums, historic sites for 20+ years and knew that as public historians, we have a great deal to balance to not only educate but do so in a way that worked w/ the paying (or tax-supporting) public, hence their specifics on this series. Book sounds great & can’t wait to get it!

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