On The March: Conclusion

Thanks for “marching” with us on the ECW Blog these past few weeks as we explored details, routes, and primary sources related to campaign and other military marches. As always, we post a list of all the articles in the series for later reference or as a resource in case you missed one of the features.


The 44th Indiana 1862-63 (Kolakowski)

To Sailor’s Creek with Tucker’s Naval Battalion (Chatelain)

A Few Notes on Shoes & Boots (Bierle)

The March Through Some Civil War Lyrics (Bierle)

Morgan’s Magnificent March from Cumberland Gap (Pawlak)

Question of the Week: 4/11-4/17/22

Marching In Their Footsteps (Bitikofer)

Respectfully, Jubal A. Early (Zander)

Jeb Stuart ambushes a Maine regiment (Swartz)

The March in Quick-Time: A Zouave Demonstration (Groeling)

Question of the Week: 4/18-4/24/22

General Barlow & “Cowards, Stragglers and Shirkers” (Bierle)

The March Along Jackson’s Flank Attack Route (Mackowski)

The March to Gettysburg with the 20th Maine (Bierle)

The Cadets’ Road to New Market (Bierle)

The Wet March: USS Monitor Almost Sinks (Hughes)

Magruder’s Deception on the Peninsula (Bierle)

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