Through the Modern Camera’s Lens: Gettysburg Battlefield

A collection of photographs taken at Gettysburg battlefield, depicting the beauty and swirling conflict of nature over the fighting fields.

A several hour exposure at Devil’s Den shows the movement of stars around Polaris (The North Star) on a cold winter’s night.

This rainbow image was taken on July 2 just after a severe thunderstorm damaged Gettysburg sparing the George Gordon Meade Monument on Cemetery Ridge.

Autumn’s glory blankets the hallowed ground of Pickett’s Charge near Codori Barn.

This hover fly nestles amongst the dew drops near the 26th North Carolina Memorial on Cemetery Ridge.

The 155th Pennsylvania, recruited out of Pittsburgh, graces the northeastern face of Little Round Top.

A winter’s full moon is backdrop to the Virginia Memorial on Seminary Ridge.

The 111th New York Monument castes it’s shadow about the Bryan Barn on Cemetery Ridge at dawn.

Union General Otis Oliver Howard sits atop East Cemetery Hill under a glorious sunset on November 19, 2020.

An early spring blizzard pummels the Howard Monument in ghostly fashion on East Cemetery Hill.

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  1. It’s a great collection. Hard to do something new with that subject. Are these by different photographers?

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