ECW Podcast: Bayou Battles for Vicksburg

Get ready to head into the swamps and backwaters of Louisiana and Mississippi in the newest episode of the Emerging Civil War Podcast. Historian Timothy B. Smith joins us to talk about the latest volume in his ongoing study of the Vicksburg Campaign. Bayou Battles for Vicksburg covers Grant’s operations from January–April 1863.

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    Tryin to get across every night n day
    Ol Halleck don’t listen
    His johnson is missing
    Rather write reports then get into the fray
    I’m crawlin, crawlin, crawlin down da rivah!
    Crawlin down da rivah!
    Stuck here! Stuck here! Stuck here!
    Cause Halleck won’t deliver…
    Halleck…. don’t……liv…ahhhhh!

    (With apologies to Ike and Tina)

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