Question of the Week: 2/12-2/18/24

It’s February 12th and Abraham Lincoln’s birthday…so what’s your favorite book about him?

14 Responses to Question of the Week: 2/12-2/18/24

  1. Although it is a tragic topic, The Day Lincoln was Shot, by Jim Bishop. It helped get me interested in history.

  2. John Sanderson adds the book “Lincoln’s last trial “ , which displays Lincoln’s lawyerly skills in securing a not guilty verdict in a very difficult murder trial

  3. Too many to name just one favorite. However, I recently read Ronald C. White’s excellent “Lincoln in Private”. A really outstanding book. It certainly earned a spot on my favorites list.

  4. The Lincoln and Douglas debates, in the senatorial campaign of 1858 in Illinois… with Introduction and Notes by Archibald Lewis Bouton (1905). [Available at HathiTrust.] No better source of “the thinking of Abraham Lincoln” than the words of the man, himself (and those of his chief rival of the day, Judge Douglas.)

  5. Carl Sandburg’s mass volume set is still the ultimate in Lincoln research imo.

    And since I believe in exhaustively seeking out information, I recommend as a critical argument of Lincoln, Thomas DiLorenzo’s ‘Lincoln Unmasked’.

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