“The End of Civil War Times

In the wake of the news that Civil War Times and America’s Civil War magazines have folded (along with seven other cool history magazines), a lot of people are wondering what this might mean for the wider Civil War community.

Join ECW for a LIVE panel discussion on Thursday, February 29 at 7:00 p.m. You can watch on the ECW Facebook page (here’s the link).

And what a line-up we have!

  • Dana Shoaf, former editor of Civil War Times, now with the Museum of Civil War Medicine
  • Melissa Winn, former director of photography at Civil War Times and America’s Civil War, now with the American Battlefield Trust
  • Dr. Gary Gallagher, longtime Civil War Times contributor and columnist
  • Dr. Cecily Nelson Zander, ECW’s chief historian
  • Drew Gruber, executive director of Civil War Trails, Inc. (who has some encouraging news about general interest in the Civil War!)

ECW Editor-in-Chief Chris Mackowski will moderate the discussion. Viewers will be able to write in with their questions.

We hope to see you Thursday evening!

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  1. I am (or now I was) a subscriber to both magazines. I also used to receive Wild West, one of the other history magazines but I let that sub expire. Thanks for doing this, should be an interesting evening. My main question would be why didn’t the current subscribers receive any advanced notice of this? I still keep getting notices to renew Wild West!

  2. This is definitely the end of era as I cut my Civil War teeth on this magazine … my first CWTI was the June 1970 issue – a birthday gift from my grandfather … back then the “I” in CWTI stood for “Illustrated” … the cover art from this issue – Confederate Cavalry Charge, by Harold Van Schmidt — pictured Confederate troopers riding down Ellsworth’s Fire Zouaves at First Bull Run … the opening article, by Allen C. Redwood, was “The Horseman in Gray” … very often the first article would relate to artwork or photo on the cover.

    Looking at page three, the editorial staff, all men back then, were well-established or upcoming giants in the field – Edward Stackpole, William C. Davis, Robert Hoffsommer, Frederick Klein, Edward Bearss, Francis Lord and Stephen Ambrose (didn’t know he was a CW maven) … Frederic Ray (a great CW artist in his own right) was the art director and the pictorial archivist was Manuel Kean.

    By 1970 the magazine was already 8 years old with Volume I Number I published in April 1962 … the very first CWTI article was “Longstreet, Culprit or Scapegoat?” by Glenn Tucker … in the subtitle, the editor promises that “One of the most outstanding modern students of the Civil War answers long-debated questions with often-overlooked facts and in doing so defends Longstreet against decades of innuendo and abuse” … was this the first scholarly attack on the Lost Cause?

    In addition to page turning articles, CWTI had a “What’s Coming in CWTI”, Book Reviews, a Classified Column and a Civil War Quiz that was never easy … finally, once or twice a year, CWTI would devote an entire issue to a particular battle or campaign … I can remember how thrilled I was to get “The Siege of Petersburg” in August of 1970.

    I don’t get the same thrill these days when the mail arrives … but I still breeze through my old CWTI collection occasionally and those old memories come rushing back … many thanks to ECW for noting the passing of this great publication and the fabulous historians who got me hooked on the Civil War, and on history writ large … I look forward to the session on Thursday.

    PS – Here’s the first question from the June 1970 Civil War Quiz: Grant’s first attempt to capture Vicksburg ended in 1862 because of the destruction of his supply base. Name the supply base and identify the Confederate cavalry leader who destroyed it?
    The first right answer gets the CWTI issues I have doubles of. Use of the internet is an honor code violation!

      1. Mark, thank you kindly. I’ll send you my address shortly. Ironically, the reason that I was staying up so late to see your contest offer is that I was working on an Emerging Civil War book review project. Kevin

    1. I second the motion, please record the discussion. I have a CWRT meeting Thursday night.
      I’m very sad at the passing of CWT and ACW. Hopefully someone might revive CWT and continue its tradition.

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