ECW Podcast: The Battle—and Book!—of Dranesville (with Ryan Quint)

The latest episode of The Emerging Civil War Podcast is now available!

The battle of Dranesville—”a Northern Virginia town in the crossfire of a forgotten battle” that is forgotten no longer, thanks to a new book by ECW’s Ryan Quint.

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1 Response to ECW Podcast: The Battle—and Book!—of Dranesville (with Ryan Quint)

  1. In consequence of my study of the Civil War’s Western Theatre, Edward O. C. Ord just seemed to materialize from nowhere after Bloody Shiloh… similar to a blister (which appears after the hard work is done.) Given the plum assignment of Command of the Post of Corinth, Major General Ord was soon involved in controversy: his questionable performance during the September 1862 Battle of Iuka was immediately followed by Ord’s near- disaster at Hatchie’s Bridge. My interpretation of EOC Ord was not favourable; but that assessment was based on events after April 1862, and it was difficult to find a substantial resource that documented HOW General Ord received orders to the Western Theatre in the first place.
    Ryan Quint has provided that resource with his 2024 publication, “Dranesville.” Extremely well written, filled with compelling facts, and engaging, not only is General Ord fully revealed (beginning with a concise introduction to Ord on page 81); but then-Brigadier General Ord’s impressive performance at Dranesville is ably described and documented. Along the way, long- neglected events that took place just west of the National Capital, during the months following Bull Run (in proximity to today’s Dulles International Airport) are cogently presented.
    It is not often that I can admit that, “I learned a lot” by reading a book. But I learned a lot by reading Ryan Quint’s “Dranesville.”

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