We have a variety or authors specializing in many areas of Civil War history. We are constantly looking for and adding new authors. The hover over on the scroll down list on the main page offers a complete listing of our authors. A complete list of authors may also be found below. You may click on the name to view their biography.

Please note, any opinions expressed at Emerging Civil War are those solely of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of any organization they work for.

Edward S. Alexander
Sheritta Bitikofer
Neil P. Chatelain
Sean M. Chick
Doug Crenshaw
Caroline Davis
Steve Davis 
David T. Dixon
Robert M. Dunkerly
Jon-Erik Gilot 
Meg Groeling
Chris Heisey
Steward Henderson
Robert Lee Hodge
Dwight Hughes
Frank Jastrzembski
Brian Matthew Jordan
Christopher L. Kolakowski
Derek Maxfield
JoAnna M. McDonald
Rob Orrison
Kristen M. Pawlak 
David A. Powell
Nathan Provost
Ryan Quint 
Terry Rensel 
Dan Welch
Eric J. Wittenberg
Cecily N. Zander 

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