Antietam revisited on 9/11

As I wrote last year, the events of Sept. 11, 2001 and Sept. 17, 1862, have become inextricably linked in my mind. I took the opportunity this morning, in commemoration of the events of 9/11, to stop at Antietam, where the battlefield is abuzz with preparations in advance of this weekend’s sesquicentennial commemoration.

With all that hubbub going on, the flag at half mast, hanging limp in the still air, seemed about the only indication that anyone remembered the anniversary of 9/11—ironic, considering my comments from last year.

In recognition of both events—and as a continuing cautionary tale against forgetting either of them—I offer a repost of last year’s reflection, “Remembering 9/11 and the Lesson of Antietam.”

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