Scenes from Chancellorsville

Chris Mackowski and Kristopher White have been out with their cameras during the Chancellorsville sesquicentennial. Here are a few of the images they’ve brought back to share the anniversary with you….

HazelGroveGun-smGunners prepare to fire during a real-time program at Hazel Grove, just after sunrise on May 3. (cm)

UnionEncampment-smUnion troops encamp at Fairview. (cm)



When Route 3 was widened, workers found the remains of a UNion soldier, which are now buried near the Jackson monument behind the Chancellorsville visitor center. (kw)JacksonMonumentShadows-smThe Jackson monument, May 2, 2013. (kw)

Furance-smCatharine Furnace (cm)


The property where battle erupted on May 1, 1863, remains preserved today because of the efforts of preservation groups like the Civil War Trust and the Central Virginia Battlefields Trust. (cm)

Paxton-smOnly two Confederate generals were killed during the battle of Chancellorsville–Stonewall Jackson and Elisha “Bull” Paxton–and both came from the same small town in Virginia: Lexington. (kw)

HGSunrise-smHazel Grove sunrise (kw)








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